Now this time one of the best and famous videos sharing sites is YouTube. The Apk makes it super easy to stay connected and get access to all of the trending and all kinds of videos from all over the world. All of the people around the world know about YouTube more or less. Even huge of smartphone users use YouTube. It’s very hard to get some people who use a smartphone but don’t use YouTube. So that we can say the YouTube video sharing sites are so popular among other’s video sharing sites.

Now we are going to know all everything the official YouTube Apk. here we will try to provide all of the new features and all the important information about it. 

YouTube Apk features and review

What is YouTube? 

YouTube Apk is an android App. It also provides iPhone windows and another version of Apk. It is one of the American online video sharing platforms. The app will let you watch all of the new and old videos, movies, songs, TV shows, cartoons, short videos and all of the legal videos. As well as you can upload your own videos. By uploading your own video, you can earn money from YouTube. You can watch, like, comment, and share any of videos freely by your smartphone. 

A short history and review of YouTube:  

The YouTube video sharing site had been established in 2005. Its founder was jawed Karim, Steve Chan, and Chad Hurley. The first video has been uploaded in April 2005 by Karim. After uploading a video, they get success and they officially started their journey in December 2005. But after one year the YouTube sites have been bought the google company by 1.64 billion dollars. Day by day they have added more features and they upload more videos. Now it’s a popular site in the world. Millions of users use it regularly. 

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How to use ? 

It’s a very simple and easy video sharing sites and Apk. you can use the Apk very easily. you can use it in ways. watch videos and upload their own videos. 

  • If you want to watch the video you need to sing up on YouTube by a Gmail account. 
  • After sing up, you can watch the video and like comment, share any videos and subscribe channels. As well as you can watch the video without sing up. but if you don’t sing up, you just watch videos. 
  • If you want to upload videos, you need to create a YouTube by Gmail and another requirement.

Key features of YouTube Apk:

The Apk provides us some new features and it’s updating day by day. So let’s see some of the features on the App

  • Watch unlimited videos, movies, songs, cartoons, TV shows something like that. 
  • You can search for any kinds of videos by the search bar
  • You can subscribe to another channel and press the bell icon to get all new upload notification.
  • There is a share button, you can share it to other sites and social media.
  • You can like, dislike, comment videos.
  • There is a history option it will let you get the last watched videos. 
  • Watch latter
  • Liked videos.
  • Playlist
  • Background play is available now
  • You can change the video resolution.
  • You can create a personal account to upload own videos.  

What’s new? 

  • Improvement comments 
  • Subscriber notification
  • Now 360-degree videos supported
  • New types of card
  • Now is easier Access to Subs feed.
  • Live stream batter then old 
  • New creator community available

YouTube Apk for iPhone/ iOS: 


The popular online video sharing Apk is available for the iPhone device. If you are an iPhone user, you may know about it and use it. lots of iPhone users use the Apk to watch different kinds of videos. All categories of legal videos you will find here. And the best news is the Apk free for your iPhone device. You can download the update version of Apk from google play store. 

YouTube Apk file information for iPhone: 

Category: video sharing site.  

Size: 254.8MB almost

Comparability: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

Language: More than 120 language

Age rating: You must be at least 17 years old to download and use the app.

YouTube for windows, pc: 

The Apk is available for all of the devices also for PC. So all of the PC users can use YouTube freely. If you are a PC user, you may use it. lots of PC users use the Apk regularly to watch videos, movies, cartoons, new songs, etc. So enjoy the Apk and watch unlimited videos. 

How to download YouTube Apk for android? 

Download now

It’s very simple to download the Apk for android. If you are an android user, the easy guide for you. here we are providing an easy way.

  1. The Apk is available on google play store
  2. Go to the google play store 
  3. Search YouTube and install 
  4. And wait a few seconds.

YouTube for kids:  

You know that the original YouTube Apk is now for kids. If you want to use it, you need to at least 17 years. But YouTube decides they make another app for kids. Here they provide all of the cartons, games, and kids thinks for children. Under 12 years’ kids can use the Apk. More than 50,000,000 people have download and use the Apk for their children.

 Final word!!

 Just I want to tell you the YouTube is a very interesting and helpful Apk. here we have tried to provide all information and features about it. we regularly provide all of the new updates about it. Stay with us to know all of the information about it. If you didn’t use it as a user, I will recommend you to try it. Thanks for the stay. 

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