Game is one of the mind touch things. About all people love to play different types of games. Right now the trend of playing games is not very much in real life. But now this time people play the game another way that is a mobile phone. The Subway Surfers is one of the downloads recorded broken games on the app store for mobile phones.

 About all of the people have a smartphone, they like to play the game on the mobile phone. If you are a game lover, this game for you. Before playing the Subway Surfers game, you can know all the information and feature about it. So, now we are going to know all of the information about the classic mobile game Subway Surfers. 

Subway Surfers Apk features and online download

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers

What is Subway Surfers:          

Subway Surfers is a calcic endless runner game for mobile phone, made by Kiloo and sybo. This is a free online and offline mobile game. you can play this game on your mobile offline and on online in your browser. basically, in this game, you will surf the subways and try to run away from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. There is an endless street. you will need to beyond train, tram, obstacles and more others to run. Collect coins to get more power and special gear. 

How to play the game on your mobile? 

If your first time wants to play this game, you need to read the part of the article. If you read the part of the article, I think you will be playing this game meticulously and will be able to know some important features. Keep reading

  • You need to swipe up, roll, swipe left, right. Dobell touch. Swipe up to jump Swipe left or right to change lanes, roll to swipe down, and double touch to use the hoverboard
  • Swipe up to jump: when you face obstacle you need swipe up to jump. The swipe up option will let you jump and collect coins below the air. But unless you don’t have super Sneakers powerup, you won’t be able to jump high enough to get on the top of the train.
  • Swipe left, right to change lanes: The left, a right swipe will let you avoid train, tram, wall, and more obstacles.  
  • Roll to swipe down: There are some low obstacles in this game. sometimes you need to roll to get under low obstacles.  
  • Use hoverboard by double touch: When you collect more coins, you will get a protect hoverboard. Use the hoverboard from a crash. If you want to use the hoverboard you need to press double tap on the screen. 
  • Collect glowing powerups for boosts: You will get four different powerups that will let you come across while playing. You need to collect those for boosts.

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Features of Subway Surfers app

  1. Jetpack: The jetpack will let you fly above the train and help to get more additional coins.
  2. Super Sneakers: The super sneakers will let you to high jump. 
  3. Coin magnet: The coin magnet will help you to attract any nearby coins without touch. 
  4. 2x Multiplier: The 2x multiplier gives your current score to double
  5. You can use ramps to reach the top of trains:
  6. more coins also avoid obstacles
  7. Free: the game is free to use all of user 
  8. 100% safe for your device.

Subway Surfers now online game:

That is very great news the Subway Surfers Game Is now online. Those who love to play the online game this game also for them. You can play this game on your browser for free. which game do you prefer to play, online or offline?

World tour: 

 Play games and collect a lot of coins to be champions. There is a world tour option in this game. Every few weeks the subway surfers add a new location. There is a lot of country tour including Paris, Mumbai, London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, etc. be champion get world tour new location and enjoy.

Subway Surfers for iPhone: 


Thanks for that this game is available on your favorite iPhone. If you are an iPhone user, you can play the game on your iPhone. The game is waiting for you at the apple store. Download and enjoy

Subway Surfers for windows

Are you a windows/ PC user? Do you want the classical runner game on your windows ? Don’t worry this game is also for you. you can download or play the Subway Surfers game on your windows by android emulator. first you need to download an android emulator to play the game on PC.

How to download Subway Surfers? 

Download now

If you are an android user? Do you want to download the game on your android device? If you want to download the android mobile game, first avoid other websites. You can download this Subway Surfers game from google play store for your android phone. Because that is an easy and safe zone for your android device.

  • Go to play store on your device
  • Click search bar type ` `Subway Surfers’’ than click the search icon
  • When you get the app open it and hit on install baton.
  • Waiting for download and install  

 If your phone doesn’t sing up the google play store, first you need to sing up it by a Gmail account.  

Final word!! 

 Since you have read the full article, I hope that you have understood about the game.Did you play this game before?If you played this game, let me know how it is? If you want to play this game, stay with us, never miss any new feature.All the new features we will provide you with our website. If you have any specification questions, let me know by comment.After playing the game never forget to know us, how is it? Please share an important article with your friends and family to know about it. Thanks.

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