Hay mobile phone user how are you? I hope you all are fine. Anyway, come to the point. Today we are going to talk about MyGP app. my GP app is one of the most popular and helpful Apk of Grameenphone. About all of the Bangladeshi people know about the app more or less. All of the Grameenphone users locking for different types of offer gifts etc. Sometimes people have a lot of problems remembering the code. So that the gramophone company tries to solve all kinds of the problem by the app

The app is very helpful and important specially Grameenphone users. For that reasone now we are going to discuss the app. In the article, you can know how to download and how to use it as well as lots of information and tips and tricks. So if you are a gramophone user just continue to know all about it. 

MyGp app features and online download

What is my GP app? 

Actually, my GP is an application from one of the best and famous Bangladeshi company Grameenphone. The app will let you manage all of the thins of your sim user accounts like all of the code, all kinds of balance, rates, renew the plan, credit, offer, gift, etc. All kinds of the problem by one app as well as you don’t need to remember any code. Besides, it offers you lots of low price offers and gifts. So whatever you want to know and buy you don’t need to remember any code by using the Apk. manage all everything by one application. 

How to use and how to sign in my GP app? 

If you want to use the app, after installing the app you need to sign up the app first. Though it’s very easy to sign up, sometimes some user faces some problem to do this. For this reason, here we are giving you an easy guide to sign up for the app. If you don’t sign up for it, the guide will help you. 

After install just opens the app. You can see a page where you can change your language English and Bangla booth available. Then lock at the downside, there is a green sign up option just hit the button. Now time to provide your GP phone number then click on the sign-up button. They will send you a verification code, just verified the account provide the secret code. Now it’s ready to use. I hope you have cleared about it. 

released app: pathao

Key Features of my GP app: 

  • Get Lots of voice minute offers. 
  • You can watch Live TV
  • All kinds of internet offers available 
  • You will get lots of SMS offers
  • If you need, you can live chat with the customer manager
  • My offer
  • Even Live sports
  • Accounts sections
  • Flexi plan system also available 
  • You can get the Emergency balance
  • By the app, you can ply postpaid bill. 
  • You can Cheek balance without any code 
  • Quick Recharge simply
  • Get all kind of latest offer update
  • Anytime you can edit your user profile
  • Manage plan
  • Free to use

my GP app for iPhone/iPad: 


My GP app is a helpful Apk for all of the GP user. The Gramophone is the most popular and trusted sim company in Bangladesh. There are lots of iPhone users available in the country and the also use GP sim. For this reason, think about the iPhone user my GP iPhone version of Apk provide among us. The app is available on the app store. And the most surprising is the app is totally free to download for all of the iPhone and the iPad user also. So if you are iOS users, you can manage all of the thinking by the Apk. download now and enjoy all of the offers. 

My GP app for widows, pc, desktop: 

In this part of the article now I’m going to share with you how to install and use my GP app on pc. You know that my GP pc version app is not available. For that reason, you will have to use the android app. Now the question is how to use the install android app on pc. Well, I’m going to share all step by step information. 

Before installing the app, first, you need to install one android emulator. By using an android emulator, you can convert your pc on the android version. You can download an emulator. Huge of android emulator available online among them NOX is a popular emulator. Download NOX then install my GP app from the official website and use it. If it’s don’t work, let us know by comment. 

How to Download my GP app? 

Download now

Now you are going to know how to download the latest version of my GP app on android. It’s a very easy process to download my GP Apk on an android device. There are lots of ways to download among them the easiest way now I’m going to share with you. 

  • The app is available on google play. So open the google play store. 
  • Then go to the search bar and type my GP
  • You will have to present My GP official app
  • Click on download
  • And wait a couple of seconds it will download and install automatically. 
  • Done

Conclusion: If you are a GP user, the app will help you in lots of ways. Manage your user account very easily. Day by day the app is being updated and we get all facilities easily. It’s a very helpful app all of the users like the app and uses it regularly. Even the most important thing you can earn coin by referring to the app. So enjoy the app and if you think this article is helpful, please share the post to your friends and family. Thanks for west your valuable time behind us. 

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