Today I would like to talk about the Facebook messenger Apk. Facebook Messenger (messenger) is one of the best ways to text and video chat. you may know about lots of messaging app. But the messenger is such an app that is the best chatting app in the world. About every Facebook user uses the app for their smartphone and pc also apple device. 

So now we are going to share with you some of the new features and some tips and tricks about the messenger. As well as you can also download the latest version of messenger Apk from here. So let’s continue. 

Facebook messenger Apk online download and update

What is the Facebook messenger? 

Facebook messenger is a simple free messaging and video, audio calling app for all of the devices. The Apk is developed by Facebook. You can easily text, call with your friends’ family and Facebook friends. The Facebook messenger will let you chat, video call, audio call, voice, etc. as well as you can share photos, videos, files, etc.

 The most imprecise thing is messenger sticker collection and emoji, here you will get lots of free stickers, emoji, gift, etc. Even so many interesting features you will get in the Facebook messenger. You can say it is one of the best chatting apps who use Facebook. 

How to use Facebook messenger Apk? 

Facebook messenger is a simple chatting app for the Facebook user. Every app has some interacting facility. The notable facility of the messenger is it’s using the method. It’ s so easy to use anyone can use the app very easily without any problem. So let’s have a look at how to use it. 

  • If you want to use the Facebook messenger first you need a Facebook ID. 
  • Now  you will have to download the messenger app 
  • Then open and connect it with Facebook. Go to the home page and start your conversation with your friends.
  • There is chat, call, send voice, photo, video, etc option, use what you want.

messenger Update features: 

lots of features and facilities available in the Facebook messenger Apk. Now we are going to share with you some of the key and new features. 

  1. You can chat with a simple way 
  2. You can make free video and audio call anytime anywhere
  3. Voice send is available you can send voice
  4. Send unlimited video photos and text.
  5. As well as you can get a lot of stickers, emoji, gifts. 
  6. Now day system is available, share your filling by photo and video and make a day until 24 hours. 
  7. Share your location where ever you are. 
  8. You can play different tips of games with your friends totally free, if you are gaming love this is one of the good news for you.
  9. If you are the people of the U.SA. and the U.K. you can pay and send money by messenger
  10. And you can create a chat group.
  11. Now dark mode feature is available, it’s safe your eyes.
  12. Free and safe for your device.
  13. we provide all update news of the Facebook messenger, if we get any new information about the Facebook messenger, we will know you by our website. 

Facebook messenger android requirement and file information: 

The android market place is one of the best market places to use messenger. Huge android user is using the Facebook messenger Apk on their android device. If you are an android user, this part especially for you. every android device requires a minimum android version to use the Apk. May this app will support on your device. If you use so old and small RAM of the phone, you can use the messenger lite. 

Facebook messenger for pc/windows/ laptop: 

Some of the Facebook users use pc. We know that the Facebook message option is not friendly. That’s why Facebook has been available the messenger for pc version. So if you are pc user, you can download and use the messenger Apk on your pc freely. As well as you can use the messenger on your pc without download the app. From direct messenger official website. You can use the booth option which you prefer. So why late? Just connect messenger and enjoy yourself with your friends anytime anywhere. 

Messenger for iPhone/ iOS: 

Now this time one of the popular mobile brands is iPhone. So many people from around the world use the apple device. As Facebook is available on iPhone, lots of iPhone users use it most of the time. Now that time the messenger is available for iPhone users. If you are an iPhone user and use Facebook the messenger also for you. If you didn’t use it before, you can use it to get a friendly chatting option. It’s available on the app store for your iPhone device. Download now and enjoy every moment.

How to download the Facebook messenger Apk? 


It’s very easy to download the messenger app on your android device. Lots of ways you can download the messenger Apk on your device. Thousands of online platforms you can get the Apk. But one of the safe and easy ways is the Google play store. The Apk is available on Google play store for your android device. 

  • If you want to download the app first you need an internet connection. 
  • Then Go to google play store
  • Click on the search bar and type and search “Facebook messenger’’. 
  • Then install the app and connect with Facebook.

Is the messenger Apk safe for your device? 

Yes, the Facebook Apk is 100% safe for your device. You can use the app on your device without any tension.

Conclusion: Facebook Messenger is a popular chatting app for all of the device especially for android. As an Android user, I’ll recommend you to use the messenger app if you use Facebook. I have tried to provide here all of the information and key features on the Facebook messenger app. If you face any problem and if you have any questions about the Facebook messenger, fill free to ask me. Thanks for reading. 

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