Facebook is one of the popular social media sites in this world. About all of the people know about the app more or less. Now that time we can’t think without Facebook. Because every time we are using I for a different reason. Day by day is to increase the best social media site, the user. 

Anyways, in this article, we are going to share some new features and important tips and tricks for Facebook apk. As well as you can download the updated version of the apk for your android, iPhone, windows. So let’s continue to know more about it. 

Facebook apk free download online

What Is Facebook

Facebook is a famous social media site for android, pc, iPhone something like that. It is created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. We know that one of the best popular social media sites is Facebook, we use it to connect with friends and family from any time anywhere.

 This is a free social media site to connect everyone. You can contact friends and family also you can share your photo, video, states, location and many more. Now that time it’s not only a social media site, but it’s also more than a social media site. We can use it for different important work as a business and also many more.    

How to use Facebook

Facebook is such a social media site that is really amazing and easy to use. Anyone can understand this using a method. So don’t worry if you are the first time going to use , follow that part of the article. I hope after reading this part of the article you will get a clear concept.  

How to create a Facebook account

  • If you want to create a Facebook account, you need a Gmail/ phone number. 
  • Then open Facebook site or app, create on the sing up option.
  • Give your personal information and a strong password then click on the sing up button.
  • Now you need to verify it, you will get a code on your Gmail/ phone number just verify it by that code.  
  • Then update your profile picture and other information.
  • After creating an account, you need to make friends, by sending a friend request from a fine friend. 
  • After getting your friends and update your profile it’s ready to use 
  • Now you can chat, audio call, video call, share photo, video, text, states, etc. 
  • Lots of features available on this app. 

Some of the key features of Facebook apk

  1. Connect your friends and family also new people on your social media site. 
  2. Share what’s on your mind right now
  3. Share photos, video, link, file, location, etc.
  4. Create video and audio call
  5. Like, comment, share friends post and get a notification when your friend likes a comment on your post. 
  6. Create Facebook live and share your beautiful moment with your friends
  7. Get strong security also you can change your account password
  8. Create a group, page.
  9. Also, you can play lots of interesting games with your friends.
  10. Follow your favorite actor, website, and video channel
  11. Watch videos and live video
  12. As well as you can block and unfriend. 
  13. Free to use

Facebook apk android requirement and file information: 

The Facebook app is available for all of the devices. Among them the android user is huge. If you are an android user and want to use the app you need a minimum android requirement. The Facebook app needs an android device that minimum android version is 2.2. under this version you may not be able to use it. This is a sort of requirement. I hope it will be supported on your phone. If your phone android version is low than 2.2, don’t worry you can use the Facebook like. It’s for low RAM and android versions of phones. 

Facebook apk for windows/ pc/ desktop

If you are a windows user, this part of the article specially for you. Facebook is such a social media site that supported all of the devices including pc. So as a pc user you can use it. you will get all of the features like an android user. Even you can use it without download any app. You can use it from the Facebook official website. 

Facebook application for iPhone/ iOS

There are lots of apple users available in this world now. Even day by day is increasing the apple brand, phone user. Think about them the Facebook is available for iPhone and iPad. so all iPhone and the iPad user can download and use it free. Facebook requires a minimum version for the iPhone, it’s very low only 4.3. you can download the app for your iPhone from lots of ways but one of the easy ways is the app store. update version of The Facebook app is available on the app store for the IOS device.  

How to download Facebook apk for android

Download now

Now that time one of the notable and best social media sites is Facebook. The most important thing is the app is very easy to use as well as download. You can download the app very easily. There are thousands of ways to download the app. But one of the easy and safe ways is google play store. you can download it from google play store.

  • Go to Google play store and click on the search bar
  • Then type “Facebook’’ and click on the install button
  • It will download and install 
  • Finish

Conclusion: now that time lots of social media site is available for the different device. Facebook is one of them and it’s very famous and loves to use all of the users. Facebook apk is using huge people from around the world. Lots of unique and interesting feature is available in the apk. So if you didn’t use it, as a user I’ll recommend you to use the app.

Here we have tried to provide all of the information about the apk. If you have any questions about it, you can know me by comment below. Thanks for wasting your valuable time.

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