Where are all android users? Are you filling tension about your phone space and virus? Your phone is very slow to use? Don’t worry all problem one solution All types of problems solve the clean master cleaner app. If you are an Android user, this app only for you If you want to use the app, first you can know about this app. We are going to provide all of the information about the clean master Space Cleaner & Antivirus. So before using the app to know all information and feature keep reading. 

Clean master apk download and review

 What is a clean master ?

 Clean master speech cleaner & antivirus is one of the most usable popular speech cleaner and antivirus for android devices. The trusted cleaner app has been providing us unlivable service for so many years.  Also, the clean master app frees up space and improve your phone space and performers. The clean master cleaner app will keep your device always tidy and safe for the virus. 

It’s not only a cleaner app but also a safety app for your android device. On the other hand, it has some of the amazing features including junk file booster, space cleaner, battery saver, app lock or others. 

Are you excited to use it? Wait, before using the app you should to know all the details information about it. Step by step we will provide all details information about the clean master cleaner app. So keep reading

 How to use clean master and key features?  

Use the cleaner app to clean your device very easily. Now, this is time to know how to use clean master and what Is key features.  If you read this part of the article, I hope you will be able to use the clean master cleaner app.

  • Open the clean master. First, you can select the `junk file’’ option to create a list of expendable files. After click on “junk file’’ wait for scanning. When you will back up your device, all app convert to APK files and save into the SD card. The APK files copy a lot of speech on your device. Only keep the important file and deletes another unnecessary file. When you need to uninstall any app, they leave some file and empty folder, that captures a specific space unnecessary. You should delete this file for clean space and safe for your device.
  • Click “Clean junk’’ option to delete all junk file The `junk file option will delete all junk file from your phone within a moment
  • Boosting phone space: You can cool down your phone when it will hot for long time use. Select “memory boost’’ and then click on the cool device. The cool down option will close all apps for resting. Allow resting your device for five minutes.  Also, you can scan your RAM space and game experience by phone boost. When you will run any game through the game folder, it will boost automatically by 30%.
  • Manage your application by “app manager’’.  Remove those apps which you use a little. Fist go to the “app manager’’ there is an uninstall category, choose those apps that you want to uninstall, then click on uninstall baton.  Also, you can move the application to SD card. Some of the app you install on your phone storage that makes your phone slow. Move the app to the SD card and make the first phone. 
  • Free antivirus: You can search all virus to delete and remove to save your phone from the virus.
  • Wi-Fi security:  Keep your phone safe from harmful public WI-FI. There is a WI-FI security feature to find fake and unauthorized WI-FI. 
  • Save battery: The Apk battery saver will help to save your battery power and extend battery life. 
  • Lock file: The most interesting feature is the security file. Lock any file like file manager, Facebook, gallery, message, etc. the clean master app gives us a file security system by pattern or pin. If you use the file lock feature, you don’t need another file lock app. 

How to download clean master apk?

Download now

 It’s possible to download the Apk some different ways. But what is an easy and safe way to download the clean master app for your android? May are you thinking, is it possible to get the clean master app safely and easily? If you think so, I’ll tell you it is possible There is an easy and safe way to download. This is clean master official website. as right now the apk is not available on google play store. so you can download this file from official website.

 Don’t know how to download? Don’t worry, let me discuss. If you follow the one tricks, you will be able to download the app its official website .  

  • Fist open a browser and search clean master official website.
  • There is a white button download available
  • You just need to click on download button
  •  Waiting for download a few minutes. After download install it.
  • After install, it is ready to use

but you will have to allow unknown source before install.

Final word!! If you use the clean master app, your phone will be safe from any harmful virus. I’m saying you from my real-life experience this app is better than any other cleaner app. So use the clean master and enjoy your speedy phone. Let me know clean mater which features seems best to you. If I missed anything, let me know by comment. If you like the article, please comment and share it with your friends and family. Thanks for being with me sometime.

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